A Tractarian Faith

Come Unto Me

This is an upcoming collaborative project aimed at producing a literary journal for the benefit of the Catholic Anglican faith.1
For complementary centers, please visit Earth & Altar and North American Anglican; for a magazine, consider subscribing to Forward in Christ Magazine2

The vision for this project is to bring the theological and pastoral spirit of the Oxford Movement (called Tractarianism) into a modern context. A sort of aggiornamento of traditional catholic Anglicanism, as much as a ressourcement of the Oxford Movement. Content will hopefully include topics of theology (pastoral, biblical, historical, &c), the church, engagement with the public sphere, art, and poetry. Fiction, by way of short story, may also be considered. We are gaguing interest in this project by way of mailing list subscriptions; please do subscribe above.

Very much in early stages of development, and we are gauging and gathering interest. The hope is to publish introductory content no earlier than Fall 2021.

If you are interested in reading please subscribe above through substack. If you are interested in contributing content, please email:

  1. What do we mean by this? common-principles.html 

  2. We are not affiliated with these; we do respect each with affinity.